2022 Highlights

It has been a busy year for ebi. Here are the highlights from 2022

The bigger picture

ebi acquired by Parmenion

ebi was acquired by Parmenion in September and together have a common purpose in reducing cost and risk to adviser firms. For both parties the deal is a perfect fit; ebi gains a strong backer so it can achieve its goals faster, and Parmenion increases its DFM offering, gaining access to new adviser tools and resources. Find out what ebi offers.

New ESG bond funds – first of their kind in the UK

Continuing to push the boundaries of its sustainable offering, ebi worked closely with Northern Trust to build two new ESG bond funds providing a unique offering of 100% ESG screened portfolios within its MPS.

Proud winners at the IFA MPS Awards

ebi won two accolades at the IFA magazine 2022 MPS Awards, Best Overall MPS Provider and Best MPS Technology/Platform.

New tools for members – 2022 highlights

Reliance on Others contracts  

ebi got the year off to a flying start offering Reliance on Others contracts for members. Sitting alongside its existing Agent as Client offering, it has proved popular with member advisers looking to de-risk their businesses, and so far 90% of those who have joined or reviewed their options have adopted the new arrangements.

‘InSight’ portfolio comparison reports

Our investment team launched their ‘Insight ‘Reports where members can request a quantitative comparison of a fund or portfolio, of their choosing, against an ebi portfolio. This free service has become extremely popular with members.

The new research is fantastic! It has helped win a new case from a competitor today.”

“There is far more information in those reports than I was expecting to receive. Expectations thoroughly exceeded.”

Turnkey risk profiler launched

ebi’s brand new Risk Profiler, located within its cashflow modelling tool, now provides the option to send a co-branded risk profile questionnaire to clients in which the submitted results will generate a ‘determined risk level’ and ‘risk score’, along with supporting result content such as financial guidance.

The profiler uses Oxford Risk’s robust methodology for its questionnaire, outputs and weighting, using their expertise in combining behavioural finance, data science, and technology.

Brand new repository

ebi was very excited to launch its new repository. It’s where all ebi related documents and materials are stored. It offers members a seamless user experience when obtaining files, through the use of functionality such as dynamic filtering, file favouriting and the automation of co-branded documents.

ebi’s new matchmaking service live

Affinity is ebi’s matchmaker service, enabling advisers to register interest in selling their business, or acquiring other financial advice firms.

Member research, analysis and client tools  

ebi mapped to Oxford Risk

ebi’s ‘score to portfolio’ mappings are now supplied by Oxford Risk.

ebi included in Lang Cat’s MPS Analyser

ebi now feature on Lang Cats MPS Analyser alongside other MPS providers. You can find information on its Earth portfolios (performance, charges, investment objective, risk profile) alongside information on our company, service and platform availability.

ebi integrated with O&M Profiler

After listening to members, ebi successfully integrated with O&M Profiler. It’s Earth Portfolios can now be found listed within their online profiling software.

ebi’s Earth portfolios mapped to E-Value (EV) risk rating service

ebi’s Earth Portfolios have been assessed by E-Value’s (EV) Funds Risk Assessor solution. This has been used to measure the risk rating of each model portfolio and to understand how each portfolio maps to EV’s Standard 1-5, 1-7 and 1-10 risk rating scales; and across differing terms of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.

Platform integrations – 2022 highlights

ebi live on Parmenion platform

ebi integrated with a new wrap platform, Parmenion. It’s Earth portfolios are now fully available to ebi members. This new integration increases ebi’s coverage to 20 platforms. Parmenion recently won the ‘Platform of the Year’ award’ at the Schroders UK Platform Awards 2022.

ebi live on Fidelity Adviser Solutions platform

ebi also integrated with the Fidelity Adviser Solutions platform.


ebi live in London and Birmingham

ebi held its first live events in over two years in London and Birmingham. It was great to meet members face to face again, and for Craig to outline our exciting upcoming portfolio changes.

New starters

The ebi team continues to grow

ebi welcomed Emily (Client Relations) James (Business Development Manager), Keaton (Business Development Executive) and Sam (Investments) in 2022.

Always looking ahead, ebi is excited about what 2023 will bring, including its new market portfolios. Keep up to date with what ebi is up to by subscribing to our mailing list.

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