Who are ebi?

ebi is an innovative discretionary fund manager built on the principles of diversification, sustainable investing and low cost passive portfolio management.

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Introducing our Earth Portfolios

ebi are committed to evidence based investing and offer a five factor, passively managed portfolio, with 100% of the equity funds ESG screened.

ebi’s Earth portfolio maintains its bedrock principle to deliver superior risk adjusted returns, while placing ebi at the leading edge of the ESG investment space.

ebi’s investment philosophy

Minimise Costs

ebi will always aim to minimise costs in all areas, including costs for you and the investor

Passive investing

Passive investing mimics an index of market returns, and seeks to minimise costs by limiting the number of trades performed

ESG integrated portfolios 

ebi’s Earth portfolio aims to provide positive financial returns, whilst at the same time helping to shape a better future

Minimise risk through diversification

ebi uses diversification to cover multiple asset classes and with no bias to a specific industry or segment

Benefits of working with ebi

Custom Branding for brochures, reports and more

All client materials are fully customisable for custom branding

Support staff and investment tools to help build your business

A suite of interactive tools suitable for presenting to clients

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“The support from all the team has been a key component in the development of my firm. Endless enthusiasm matched by a can do attitude. Great stuff, guys.”

Gary, Consett