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By investing
in equity instead of
you save 50.14 metric tonnes of carbon per year. This is equivalent to any one of the measures below:

CO2 emissions from:

Litres of petrol consumed
Kilograms of coal burned
Homes’ electricity use for one year
Barrels of oil consumed
Propane cylinders used for home barbeques
Number of smartphones charged
Hours of watching tv
Viewings of the Friend’s complete boxset
Washing machine cycles
Cups of tea
Returns flights from London to Tenerife
Passenger vehicles driven for one year
Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

Greenhouse gas emissions avoided or sequestered by:

Tonnes of waste recycled instead of landfilled
Bin bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled
Incandescent lamps switched to LEDs
Average commutes by bicycle instead of car
Tree seedlings grown for 10 years
Acres of forests in one year
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Carbon data sourced from Sustainalytics, as of 28th April 2021
Carbon equivalencies sourced from the US EPA