What We Offer

Discover a broad range of user-friendly and innovative technology; Cashflow Simulation, Portfolio Comparison, Custom Branding and more

ebi offer a complete technological toolkit to help advisers at each stage of the advice process, from the initial discovery meeting to ongoing client reviews.

ebi supports advisers in:

De-risking their

Implementing an
investment solution

Compliance framework

A suite of investor friendly
presentation tools

Co-branded marketing

What we offer – Helping advisers every step of the way

Step One
Client Onboarding

  • Risk profiler – client attitude to risk
  • Client facing infographics, video and brochures
  • Communication workshop training
Financial Adviser meeting a client

Step Two
Research and analysis

  • Portfolio comparison reports
  • Platform due diligence
  • ebi’s cashflow modelling tool
Financial Adviser undertaking research

Step Three

  • Co-branded materials
  • Interactive tools to facilitate the presentation of ebi’s portfolios e.g. Randomness of Returns
  • Workshops on how to use ‘presenting’ tools during client reviews
Financial Adviser presenting to a client

Step Four

Financial Adviser completing a puzzle

Step Five
Portfolio Management

Financial Adviser demonstrating portfolio performance

Step Six
Ongoing review

Financial Adviser cartoon demonstrating a client review

Core benefits of ebi

Turnkey – ebi’s risk profiling and lifetime cashflow modelling tool

Turnkey is tied to ebi’s portfolios, and enables advisers to provide peace of mind for clients through an organised plan showing what their finances could look like when projected into the future.

Turnkey ebi's risk profiling and cashflow modelling tool

Input key information such
as portfolio risk and
retirement data

Monte Carlo simulations
plot potential client

Results of likelihood of
outcomes and best and worst
case scenarios

Risk profiler

Clients’ attitude to risk is mapped via a risk profile questionnaire, developed in conjunction with Oxford Risk.

The profiler uses Oxford Risk’s robust methodology for its questionnaire, outputs and weighting, using their expertise in combining behavioural finance, data science, and technology. These outputs are mapped to ebi’s portfolios.


Cashflow modelling

The profiler facilitates advisers in modelling cashflow journeys, using the results to help identify portfolios matching the clients appetite for risk.

Other information inputted into the cashflow modelling software includes the initial investment amount, regular payments, retirement date, and timeline they want to model.

This illustrates a clients financial position relative to their investment objectives.

It then uses a Monte Carlo simulation to plot information into potential scenarios over the period.

InSight – ebi’s portfolio comparison reports

Using the ISIN’s provided, InSight give a detailed analysis of a portfolio or fund performance, equity, and fixed income exposures, and ESG metrics against a comparable ebi portfolio.

They are completed free of charge by ebi’s in-house investment analysts.

An InSight report, ebi's portfolio comparison report

Compare client’s portfolio
against ebi portfolio

Save time, and facilitate
client conversations

Compare fund or portfolio
at given valuation date

“The new research is fantastic! It has helped win a new case from a competitor today.”

“There is far more information in those reports than I was expecting to receive. Expectations thoroughly exceeded.”

The Vault – interactive tools to present ebi’s portfolios

The Vault, is ebi’s portal, through which ebi’s portfolios can be viewed and analysed. It allows the adviser to prepare for client meetings, address any questions quickly.

The Vault can interrogate ebi’s passive, low cost portfolios across 20 platforms. Advisers can present detailed and complex information, clearly and concisely to investors, leaving them with a greater understanding of what they are investing into.

The Vault, ebi's suite of interactive tools

Visually demonstrate
portfolio performance

Present portfolio funds,
weightings and costs

Customisable styling,
tailored to your brand

  1. Returns and performance data
  2. Risk vs reward charts
  3. Breakdowns of the portfolios’ funds
  4. Operational information
  5. Target weightings

Why choose ebi?

Competitively priced DFM fee of 0.12%
Access to restricted share classes
Support Wording
Co-branded marketing materials
Educational materials, webinars and roundtables
Tolerance based rebalancing

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From WRAP platforms, risk profiling software, fund providers and analytical research, ebi are happy to help with partners.

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