What We Offer

TAMP – Turnkey Asset Management Program

What separates EBI from a traditional MPS provider is that we use technology and our deep collaboration with financial planners to provide a comprehensive range of services, extending beyond managing money, at a significantly lower cost than a traditional DFM.

EBI was built upon the foundation of a wealth management business, so we have the adviser experience in mind. We take as much administration away from the adviser as possible, so you can focus on doing what you’re best at – providing the best outcome for clients and building your business. This is the difference between a traditional DFM and a Turnkey Asset Management Program.

Our Core Benefits

Outsourcing of
investment solutions
Part of a community
of advisers
Co-branded materials,
fact sheets & brochures
Discounts with
third parties
Suitability report
Online portals,
tools & products
Comprehensive suite
of portfolios
Dedicated client
support team

Turnkey Cashflow Modelling Software

Turnkey, our lifetime cashflow modelling tool, is offered to all EBI subscribers and tied to our Vantage portfolios.

You’re in control

Input information including portfolio risk level, portfolio size, regular payments, retirement data and more.

Cutting-edge simulation

Monte Carlo simulation is used to plot that information into 1,000 potential scenarios over the period.

We’ve got you covered

Showing the likelihood of each outcome, as well as providing best and worst case scenarios.

The Vault Portfolio Presentation Tools

The Vault gives EBI members access to daily updated, custom branded fact sheets for each of EBI’s portfolios, as well as a range of interactive charts and presentation tools enabling an adviser to graphically present EBI’s investment solution and portfolio performance to investors.

Client friendly

Fully interactive charts and visuals graphically demonstrate the performance of EBI’s portfolios, all the way back to 1956.

Compare portfolio construction

Demonstrate target weightings, costs and funds contained within each portfolio.

Custom branding

Fully customisable styling with bespoke tailoring to your firm.

EBI Forum Connect with your peers

A place for collaboration, support and sharing of best practice; the EBI Forum gives members access to the combined knowledge of its adviser network. The vast majority of roadblocks and questions faced by one adviser have been solved by another, and the Forum allows you to access this pool of knowledge and commercial solutions.

As a TAMP, EBI offer not only investment management solutions, but focus on technology to increase the productivity of our advisers through supporting tools and portals, linked to investment management. We recognise tasks like suitability report writing and client communication can take a lot of time, so we aim to provide plug and play support in all of these areas.

At a fundamental level we support advisers in de-risking their business. We provide a compliance framework which documents why investment decisions have been made, supporting advisers in the process of implementing an investment solution, as well as a suite of investor friendly presentation tools.

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