Our History

ebi Portfolios was founded by financial adviser Craig Burgess in 2010 while running Blackstone Wealth Management

ebi Portfolios’ history begins with its founding by financial adviser Craig Burgess in 2010 while running Blackstone Wealth Management.

ebi Portfolios began as a tool to manage Blackstone’s own client investments, before being offered to other financial advisers to help them build and monitor portfolios of passive funds for their clients.

Initially, ebi Portfolios offered advisers a service dubbed ‘Vital’; access to a suite of portfolios in exchange for a monthly licence fee.

In 2013, after gaining DFM authority, ebi Portfolios’ Vantage service was created. The Managed Portfolio Service offered advisers the ability to offset their day-to-day investment management responsibilities, by taking advantage of Vantage’s tolerance based rebalancing model. Over the years, assets under management (AUM) in Vantage grew exponentially to overtake those within Vital, becoming ebi’s core offering.

ebi Portfolios grew from a small ancillary business to Blackstone, to become a major enterprise in its own right. In 2019, Blackstone Wealth Management was sold in order to free resources and shift primary focus to ebi Portfolios, and support ambitious plans to grow in the coming years.

2019 saw the launch of ebi’s Earth Portfolios Suite, followed by ebi achieving a market first in the MPS space in 2022 with its launch of ESG screening on Earth’s Bond Funds.

2022 also saw the launch of the Core ESG suite, a set of ESG-screened market-indexed portfolios, and ebi achieving two accolades in 2022 at the IFA Magazine MPS Awards. Later in the year ebi was acquired by the Parmenion group.

Early 2023 saw the launch of Core, a pure market indexed suite of portfolios, followed by the launch of the SRI, and Cash Plus portfolios in 2024.  

ebi Portfolios Founded

Vantage (MPS) Launched

£100 Million in Vantage

ebi Portfolios moves offices to allow for future expansion

£500 Million in Vantage
£1 Billion invested in ebi’s portfolios

Blackstone Wealth Management sold

Launch of Earth Portfolios

Appointment of Samuel Adams as Non-Executive Director

Earth Portfolios 100% equity ESG screened

– ebi acquired by Parmenion
– Earth Portfolios 100% ESG Screened
– Launch of Core ESG Portfolios
– B Corp Certification achieved

– Launch of Core Portfolios
– £2 Billion invested in ebi’s portfolios

– Launch of SRI Portfolios
– Launch of Cash Plus Portfolio