The Vault is ebi’s online portal to house interactive, fundamental analysis and information on the full range of ebi’s portfolios

The Vault gives members access to daily updated, custom branded fact sheets for each of ebi’s portfolios, as well as a range of interactive charts and presentation tools enabling an adviser to graphically present ebi’s investment solutions and portfolio performance to investors.

Fact Sheet Generation

Fact sheet generation

Sometimes less is more; our fact sheets contain the most pertinent information encased in an elegant design. Each fact sheet can be fully customised with bespoke tailoring to individual firms.

Core Data

ebi's Core data is a suite of interactive charts, tables and data suitable for presenting ebi's portfolios to investors.

The Vault’s Core Data area houses a suite of interactive charts, tables and data suitable for presenting ebi’s portfolios to investors during a client meeting. Information contained includes returns and performance data, risk vs reward charts, as well as breakdowns of the portfolios’ funds, operational information and target weightings.

Custom Branding

ebi offers custom branding

Throughout the Vault and all downloadable materials, custom branding is available to users. Firms are able to have their materials customised to include their own brand colours, logo and more, before displaying these to clients.

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