Client Sales Aids

Welcome to ebi’s clients sales aid. Helping advisers educate their clients.

Helping advisers educate clients

Our client sales aids have been designed to facilitate better communication between financial advisers and their clients. Our infographics help advisers to present complex information in an easy to digest and visual format, providing better understanding for clients. Clear client communications a requirement of Consumer Duty.

New infographics will be added to the page over time, so be sure to check in regularly.

If there are any topics or particular concepts you think would be a useful addition, please let us know via the button below.

Examples of ebi's client sales aids, What is Compound Interest? and Basics of Investing

ebi’s Client Sales Aids

Here are some of our most popular infographics. Please feel free to let us know of any ones you would like us to produce.

Basics of Investing Infographic

Basics of Investing Infographic

In our infographic we cover; What is ‘Investing’?, The difference between ‘Stocks’ & ‘Shares’, What is a ‘Bond?‘, What is a ‘Stock’? and more.

Compound Interest Infographic

Compound Interest Infographic

Compound interest is a type of interest that is calculated
on the initial principal amount as well as on any accumulate interest from previous periods.

Sustainability in Action – China Steel Infographic

Northern Trust Asset Management undertakes engagement with firms like China Steel to encourage them to adopt more sustainable business practices.

Sustainability In Action Infographic - Unilever

Sustainability in Action – Unilever Infographic

Unilever has made strong commitments to embed sustainability principles (environmental, social and governance) within its business, and across its value chain.

Jargon Buster Dictionary

Jargon Buster Dictionary

ebi’s plain English definitions of the
most commonly used terms and concepts in
the finance industry.

Bull and Bear infographic

Bull and Bear Infographic

A Bull and Bear chart displaying
a century of US equity
returns and drawdowns.

The Spectrum of Sustainable Investing Infographic

The Spectrum of Sustainable Investing Infographic

Our Spectrum of Sustainable Investing Infographic details varying investment practises and whether they are financial or impact focused.

The value of staying Invested Infographic

Our infographic demonstrates the ‘cost of timing the market’ and visually demonstrates the impact on returns of missing the best trading days.

What is Greenwashing? Infographic

Our ‘What is Greenwashing?’ infographic helps investors to spot exaggerated or misleading sustainability claims.