Do Political Events Impact Financial Markets?

In May, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a general election would be taking place on 4th July 2024, the first summer election to be held in the UK since 1945. At the time of writing, the Labour party are predicted to win around 42% of the vote, with the Conservatives standing on 21%, suggesting a strong chance there will be a new majority in parliament next month, and a new Prime Minister in Downing Street. 

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Is there an AI bubble?

In May 2024, tech giant Open AI announced its latest model, GPT 4o (“four-oh”). Videos of the large language model (LLM) tutoring mathematics, translating conversations between multiple languages, and orchestrating games of rock, paper, scissors quickly spread online, and the internet lit up with chatter as people were blown away and creeped out in equal measure.

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All that glitters…

As gold has reached new all-time highs and is making headlines once again, the question on some investors’ minds is whether there is a role for an allocation to this precious metal as part of a wider investment portfolio. In the following post we outline ebi’s views on this topic.

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