Samuel Adams Joins ebi

ebi is delighted to announce the appointment of Samuel Adams (CEO, Vert Asset Management) as a Non-Executive Director, joining the company’s board in September 2020.

Sam has a wealth of experience as a senior manager in the financial services sector, and particular expertise in ESG investments and presenting ESG solutions to advisers and investors alike.

“We’re very excited to have Sam join the team at ebi” Craig Burgess, CEO, ebi, “Our views on passive, factor-based and ESG investing are aligned, and we look forward to bringing Sam’s experience in this space back to the UK market.”

“ESG investing is becoming a larger and larger part of our proposition at ebi, and Sam will be joining the team to aid in increasing the ESG elements of our portfolios, as well as liaising with our network of advisers; sharing best practice and advise on how to present an ESG solution to investors.”

Previously, Sam started Dimensional’s Financial Adviser business in the UK & Europe and led it for 10 years. In 2016 he founded Vert Asset Management, a dedicated ESG investment manager that is focused on making sustainable investing easier for financial advisers and their clients.

“ebi has been a leader in helping advisers adopt and implement an evidence based investment solution for clients. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to help them with the next evolution in advice – the adoption of sustainable and ESG investing” Sam Adams, Non-Executive Director, ebi.

ebi will soon announce a series of webinars in conjunction with Sam, focussing on the changing landscape of ESG investments, and providing templates and advice on presenting ESG solutions to retail investors.

You find out more about ebi’s ESG solutions here.